Diamond Fusion is the worlds longest lasting glass protection, once on the glass it forms an instant chemical bond with the glass and as long as the basic maintenance is followed, the glass will be easier to clean than unprotected glass for its lifetime ( residential applications only). Diamond Fusion easyClean is guaranteed not to haze, chip, peel, or discolour for the lifetime of the glass ( residential applications only) .

The basic maintenance is that the glass is cleaned on a regular basis to a clean and clear state. We give recommendations on how to do this.

Glass that is not maintained will become dirty in appearance, and may have a mineral buildup on the surface.

What we warranty is the Diamond Fusion surface, not that your glass will be clean forever.

Diamond Fusion NZ has no control over the quality of your water supply, or the quality of your glass, and we can not be expected to have knowledge of the mineral content of your water supply or knowledge of the quality of your glass. We also have no control over how you choose to take care of the surface.

Our care recommendations are based on average “town supply” water quality on average quality glass, this will suit almost all of our customers. We also include a section on “hard water” on our warranty cards which are left with every application, and we are very easy to contact if you find our suggestions arn’t working for you.

If marking is noticed on the surface that is not being removed with the standard care regime Diamond Fusion NZ or your application Agent needs to be contacted as soon as possible to assist you in remedying the situation, as in almost all cases it is fixed with of a slight change in the care process, sometimes this is with a different cleaning pad, sometimes more or less or an alternative detergent, and sometimes use of Diamond Fusion Restoration powder and/or Revitalizer will be the easiest solution.

When mineral staining is left on the surface for an extended period of time the minerals will dry out and become harder to remove, usually, in most areas, we find if we are contacted within 3 months their removal is very easy and has no long term damage to the Diamond Fusion surface, once the minerals have been allowed to be on the surface for an extended period of time it starts to build up on top of itself and become very dry. The only way to remove this may damage the top layer of the Diamond Fusion coating, which is very easily repaired with either Diamond Fusion Revitalizer or reapplication where required of the top layer of Diamond Fusion.

Cost for cleaning and repairing a surface will depend mostly on how long the marking has been left on the surface, and what consumables are required. If contacted very early there is no cost, or very small cost. Once left for over three months costs will increase as more time and products are required, after a year the surface may become unrecoverable.

Any claims for a warranty issue must first be directed to the application Agent that initially applied the product.

The forgoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties of any kind including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. the Company will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting from the use of the product.

Diamond Fusion easyClean NZ LTD or its appointed agent will the the sole judge as to whether the manufacturer maintenance recommendations have been followed and if in the company’s judgement the issues have arisen from improper maintenance or failure to follow the company’s recommendations, then the company shall be released from any obligation or liability under this limited warranty.