Vehicle Windshield Defender™ Consumer Kit


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  • Dramatically increase in vision during rain & snow conditions
  • Increase your reaction time to road incidents
  • Reduces your windshield damage caused by road debris
  • Advanced Scientific Formula based on proven products
  • Tested in harsh race/rally conditions

Make driving safer by applying Windshield Defender™ to the windshield of your car, truck, camper wagon, bus or airplane. University studies, funded by the automotive industry, show that Windshield Defender extends driver reaction time by a full second, which, at 65 kph can mean stopping 20 metres sooner.

Derived from DFI’s patented technology, Windshield Defender™ is impact and scratch resistant, so it can reduce windshield damage caused by road debris, saving you on costly windshield replacements.

Windshield Defender™ is, like all of our products, extremely durable and long lasting, however it will wear over time, especially from abrasion of the Wipers – how soon this is depends on mileage, wiper use and conditions i.e, areas with high levels of road grit.

So either reapply as required with another Defender wipe or boost it periodically with Diamond Fusion Revitalizer wipes. A family car should last 6 to 12 months, whereas a high milage line haul truck could be monthly.

Your pack will contain Glass Rescue and a scrubber pad to prepare your Screen, your Defender Nanopax, and a Revitalizer. you wont need much else, a spray bottle of water is handy, and a few Microfibre cloths (only $2 from our shop…. since your already buying, you may as well add a couple to your order.)


Tried & Tested…

The Windshield Defender™ Consumer Kit has been tested and proven to an increased safety item for your car, truck, bus or race car.

Cutting Edge Technology…

Windshield Defender™ Consumer Kit uses the world’s leading Nano Technology product from Diamon-Fusion with over 20 years of research and development.

A Global Leader…

Recognised around the world as global leaders and used by brands such as DUPONT in the US and some of Europe’s and South America’s largest glass manufacturers, you can trust the product does what it says it will on your expensive surfaces.

Innovative Product Packs…

We do out bit to help with the environment. You can lower the amount of cleaning chemicals which can only be good for our environment.


The Application video is working on a Boat screen, but proceedure is exactly that same for any Vehicle