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Surface Protection & Renovation



Keep your shower glass looking showroom-new with the world's #1 shower glass protection product!
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Residential Exterior glass

Are you building or renovating? Make your life easier by protecting your glass with Diamond Fusion. This makes it easier to keep the glass clean without using harsh chemicals and cleaning products.
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Commercial Glass

Glass facades, windows, shop fronts, glass canopies, hotel shower glass, glass railings, skylights & more. Talk to us about your project so we can tailor the best package to suit the outcome your require.
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Glass Rescue

Don't waste money by buying new, restore your stained glass and save your money and the environment!

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Vehicles & Marine

Increase your visibility on the road, or whilst at sea, with Diamond Fusion's easyCLEAN vehicle and marine products.
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Check out our wide range of cutting edge, nanotech products suitable a variety of surfaces.
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Surface Protection & Renovation

We are part of the world’s largest group of surface protection & renovation companies.
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but some of the exciting project do.
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